So about that alleged photo of Cleveland Browns rookie Johnny Manziel…

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With $5M in donations, the sky is the limit for Reading Rainbow. In case you missed it, Levar Burton returned to #NewsNation with an update on the post-Kickstarter plans for Reading Rainbow. 


Really Tamron, is Amar’e that tall? 

In case you missed it, NY Knicks Power Forward Amar’e Stoudemire joined Tamron live in the studio to talk about his new cookbook, #CookingWithAmare, fatherhood and how he feels about Derek Fisher being his new coach.


Happy 90th Birthday, George W. Bush Sr. 

Tamron put on a pair of colorful socks in the Today Show #OrangeRoom just for you! 

Reading Rainbow returns to the internet with host LeVar Burton. 

ICYMI: He joined Tamron Hall to talk about how he raised $1M to help re-boot the show. WATCH:

Tamron Hall goes beyond breakingbad with actor Giancarlo Esposito:

If any guy can make Tamron smile this big, it’s this guy right here! #MorganFreeman 

Visited New York Live today to talk about the new season of #DeadlineCrime. Watch here: 

Watch my #TamCam from the behind-the-scenes: 

Don’t miss the premiere THIS Sunday at 10pmET on Investigation Discovery.

Surprise Rev. Al! I’m the person who took T-P revenge out on your office. 

Your PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton team couldn’t stop me. Ha!#Art #TPTime

One of the women I most admire, Thandie Newton. #rogue